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Computicate Business Automation is built to accommodate the most common MSP business scenarios. Since Computicate is designed from the bottom with the MSP business model in mind, we are able to offer flexibility to our customers, but keep a straight aim on the predictable, repeatable outcomes at the same time. Computicate Business Automation is built on top of a few fundamentals:

  • Computicate Business Automation is a ‘closed-loop’ system. This means that once data gets in, it cannot ‘disappear’
  • Computicate Business Automation focuses on presenting information to users when they need it. The result is that because the input is based on data (instead of common knowledge of users), the outcome is better aligned with the agreements you have with customers, and less work is needed to turn that work into invoices
  • Computicate Business Automation has a few built-in processes that are designed to capture work done by your team, and automates the selection of billable VS all-in work in your billing process