The Managed Service billing process. A monthly ritual for Managed Service Providers. On a regular basis, we talk to MSPs that have a complex and time-consuming billing process. RMM exports are used to see what is under management per customer. This data is then manually processed into invoices. Another commonly encountered situation is that customer assets are not visible in the RMM tool, either because the agent is not compatible or because the pricing or type of service does not allow agent installation. But these assets are under management, and thus billable so you want to keep track of them.

Also other exports are made and (e.g.) Office365 accounts and other VAR services are manually counted and updated in each of the invoices. The accurate billing of spent time is another thing that is not being done efficiently, or worse, not at all.
After these data collections and manual updates, the invoices are printed and/or emailed. After this, the invoices are processed in the accounting software, often manually.

Managed Service Billing made easy

Sounds familiar? Managed Service billing can be done a lot faster and easier. First, connect your Computicate account to your RMM tool. Then create a contract for each client and connect the assets from your RMM system. If some systems don’t have agents, then create these customer assets manually as a one time action.
Let Computicate automatically update the billable amount when you delete or add agents, based on the agent type (workstation, server, etc). Do the same for your VAR billable items. Then automatically process time spent on tickets and convert them to sales items, based on the applicable SLA for each ticket (‘all-in’ or subsequent calculation).

Creating the invoices is then done within a couple of minutes. After checking the automated output and running the invoice job, download the XML export and import it into your accounting system. That’s it, you’re done and as a result, you can quickly continue to spend time on your business.

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