DATTO RMM Business Automation integration

Computicate has a seamless DATTO RMM Business Automation integration.

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Explore the Computicate and Datto RMM integration.

DATTO RMM Business Automation integration

Computicate has a seamless DATTO RMM Business Automation integration, which allows you to easily connect your DATTO Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform with our platform, through an easy to configure DATTO RMM integration.

The integration comes as a free included feature in the Computicate Business Automation platform. Configuration of the integration is very easy, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

After configuring the DATTO RMM Business Automation integration

  • Import all DATTO RMM sites as customers in Computicate, with one click
  • Automatically link DATTO RMM sites to customers
  • Have the ability to assign machines to users
  • All your DATTO RMM managed machines become manageable customer assets within ComputicateBusiness Automation:
    • Microsoft workstations
    • Mac workstations
    • Servers
    • Etc.
  • Live integration; any changes in DATTO RMM will be reflected in Computica Business Automation
  • Full Alert-to-ticket integration. All alerts will be imported and turned into tickets. Link directly to the DATTO RMM device page, set up a live connect session directly from the alert ticket and log all time you spend on solving the alert. Once the Computicate ticket is closed, the DATTO RMM Alert is also closed
  • Connect your assets to customer contracts. By enabling automatic synchronization, any added or removed asset will be automatically calculated in your monthly billing, for all you customers devices or just a specific group of devices like Windows workstations.

Adding Business Automation to DATTO RMM is now a hassle – free process

Adding Professional Services automation to your RMM platform can greatly benefit the way you deliver services as an MSP. It automates back-office and operations, which make you more efficient. This allows you to optimize profits and grow.

However, the complexity and costs associated with the integration, implementation and use of Business Automation is often high. Computicate Business Automation has changed all this, by offering a next generation platform, which is out of the box, easy to use and affordable.

Computicate Business Automation is a great way to experience the benefits of Business Automation, for any MSP, whether it is the first time you are adding Business Automation to the mix, or as an alternative for existing tools , that are complex and expensive.


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