Real-time insight into your KPI's

Computicate gives a real-time insight into your utilization, customer satisfaction, Service Levels, financial performance and more.

Integrate your Managed Service tooling, e-mail and financial system

Computicate integrates with the most popular RMM tools, online backup and accounting software. New integrations are being developed continuously.

Proven technology

Computicate was developed by a Managed Service provider with 10 years successful experience in the market. Whereby the software provides exactly what you need to take your Managed Service operation to the next level.

Computicate is used daily by engineers and end users. Your employees will have fast, simple and easy access to the relevant details. At the same time, their activities are automatically registered so that you are always ‘In Control’.


Determining profit per client

Your client portfolio is growing steadily, just as the number of employees that deploy to serve your clients. At some time it will become more difficult to keep track of what your employees are spending their time on. Manually recording hours is a time consuming task, and exactly for that reason, not a very popular…

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